UBC 2010 -- Diary for 21st July 2010
Dear All,
Here is an updated of how and what we are doing so far at the UBC Summer Music Institute.
We are all well moving on into the second week of the camp.  This is the "Senior" week which means most participants are "taller" and "Older" than last week participants who were a lot younger.  Moreover, the word "senior" means the music for this week are much more challenging and difficult than last week, also, it means much more hours of rehearsals will be put in. 
In average, nine hours of rehearsals are taking place each day, from 9 am to 12pm, 1pm to 3pm and from 6 to 10pm.  Everyone is surely tired by the end of the day, but feel so fulfilled as so much wonderful music have been played and that the faculty and instructors are so superbly good and top-notched, that they have taught everyone what real and professional music-making is all about.
Daily residence life is being enjoyed by everyone of us also.  We all enjoy a free but discipline life everyday. Morning call at 7:30a.m., followed by breakfast and rehearsal starts at 9a.m. sharp. However, as a "professional" musicians, we are demanded to arrive the rehearsal venue at 15 minutes earlier, that is 8:45a.m. and have ourself ready for the 9a.m. rehearsal.  The preparation include take your instruments out from the case, if you play a reed instrument, like the saxophone and the clarinet, have it ready and most importantly, have YOURSELF ready and MUSIC ready. The conductor will step up on the podium at 8:59 a.m. and the first note of music will go at 9a.m. sharp! This is what PROFESSIONAL means.
In addition to band rehearsal, most of us who have signed up for private lessons also enjoyed the private lesson opportunity to study with some of the legends in Vancouver.  This include Professor Martin Berinbaum on the Trumpet, Julia Nolan on the saxophone and Jeffrey Pelletier on the flute and many other more from the performance department of UBC School of Music.  This is the "cream" of the whole camp, the opportunity to study with great masters, whom you aspire to be inspired!
We have put up and will continue to put up videos about the camp on you tube, and on our own website at http://www.puremsuic.hk/ubc.  So, keep checking these places everyday as you may find your kids playing in one of the fasicnated concerts!!
Attached please find a group photo taken in front of the Rose Garden at the UBC with all participants in the camp.  The team Hong Kong is standing right in front of the middle!
Hope all are well!! See you in 5 days time!
Ringo Chan
Director for Asia, UBC Summer Music Institute.