UBC 2010 -- Diary for 13th July 2010

July 13th

Hi All,
Today is Monday the 12th July, 2010. The first week day of the first week of the UBC Summer Music Institute 2010. Everything just went fine. All students, including those from Canada and from Taiwan, had a wonderful days of music playing. There were no major hassels, everyone keep on his/her schedule, arrived at the designated hall for rehearsals and continues to enjoy what the camp had brought for them. Six hours of rehearsals, and for some an additional 1-2 hours of private lessons plus lottery concert for everyone to perform, had made up some eight hours of dedication and committment from everyone. This is exactly what we want to see.

Yesterday was THE day for the Spanish, and today is THE day for the Hong Kong group at the UBC Summer Music Camp. During tonight's entertainment program called the Quiz show, adapted from the game show "JEOPARDY" on television. Professor Berinbaum separated all the campers based on nationalities and us from Hong Kong were naturally grouped together to form "Team Hong Kong". In round one, we fell behind the other teams as the subjects were heavily based on Canadian facts and happenings, such as questions about the Canadian Football League and discrete questions on Canadian geography. Unfortunately, we were not familiar with the Canadian current events to compete with the other groups on this subject, thus placing us second last by the end of first round. However, the new round turned to our likings, with the incorporation of new subjects to choose from including some more on Canadian facts, random facts, and music. Being a summer MUSIC camp, the music subject was naturally more emphasized and awarded more points when answered correctly. Not only did Team Hong Kong dominated over the other groups in ringing the buzzer, but also answered every questions correctly, including the bonuses! Such questions include identifying the name and style of the music, composer and musical genres. Bingo!. Team Hong Kong gave close to perfect performance!

Special Kudos to one of our HK group camper Tin Wai Yung, who demonstrated that video games are not all bad, by decimating all the other groups in answering all 4/5 questions (totaling 10 points) regarding video games all by himself. Along with everyone's participation and quick wits, Team HK placed 1st at the end of Round 2, with the 2nd team trailing only two points behind. The pressure was on in Round 3! Stakes were raised and the highest penalty could make or break the team. Basically, a correct answer is awarded 5 points and an incorrect answer deducts 5 points. With our confidence from Round 2 carried us, we breezed through Round 3 with ease as we secured our No. 1 Standing with 18 points (4 points ahead of No. 2). In the last round, all the faculty members got together to come up with the ultimate question worth 50 points. To answer this question correctly, the team must listen to an audio clip and name the singer who sang the opera piece that was being played. The extra challenge is that each team must send 2 members to the front and sing, in operatic styles, the answer out in front of everyone. Our two campers, Ryan Chan & Ryan Emerson Jong bravely stepped up in front of the whole UBC camp and sang the answer with poise. This became the key to clinch Hong Kong group's first ever victory in the UBC Music Summer Music Camp Quiz Show!