UBC 2010 -- Diary for 12th July 2010

July 12th

Dear All,
Hello again from Vancouver!
While I am composing this email message, many of us cannot believe the fact that we have only arrived vancouver for just slightly passed 24 hours. It seems that we are already here for weeks! The reason for that is obviously not because we found bored here, but is because the day time has been so long that makes us feel the day never ends. The daytime actually begins from 430 in the morning and ends at 10:30 in the evening. Wow! That is 18 hours of "daytime" and only 6 hours of "nightime". With such a long daytime, makes many of us feel

Today is the day for the Spanish! We all know why. Professor Martin berinbaum, Professor Emeritus and Director for the UBC Summer Music Institute has arranged a very special occassion to greet us - He arranged to have the Freddy Wood Theatre opens and have the game played there with a hugh hugh screen. We watched the game with many other fellows Canadians, Dutch and Spanish people , a real internatinal exchanges indeed!! We cheers for our favourable teams and even divided up different sitting areas among the audiences!! All of us really really had a good time, despite the fans for the Netherlands team were disappointed with their lose, inevitable indeed. The arrangement for us to be able to watch the World Cup Final is indeed a bonus to this year summer music camp, thank you, Professor Berinbaum.

Today is the official opening day for the UBC Summer Music Institute. A total of some 300+ participants from Canada, U.S., Taiwan and Hong Kong get together for the first time. This week is the junior and intermediate week, so one can expect the average age level is not that senior yet, about from 9 to 15. We started the camp with an opening ceremony /orientation at which participants and faculty will have a chance to meet with each and for the directors and administrators to share with the participants about the expectations, ground rules etc for everyone, and especially for those who participate for the very first time.

Immediately after the open ceremony, we begins our daily rehearsals . First day of the camp, four hours straight from 2p.m. to 6p.m. This week we have two ensembles, the intermediate concert band and intermediate jazz band. So you can imagine how hugh the band are? In average we have one conductor and 15 rehearsal assistants serving each ensemble, plus what we refer to as "Blue Shirt" cousellors helping us with all sorts of variety logistics such as recreational, dorm and food etc..... A lots of organisation and coordination works in the deep end!

Tonight is a very quite evening, I guess many of us really feel so excited by so many new experiences but exhausted. I know some of us are having jet-lag problem (including myself) and that our sleep last night was not so good, but now, the corridor is so quiet, I think we are all going to have a sweet dream and look forward to a "long, long" programe tomorrow from 9a.m. to 8p.m.

For those who have not called back home yet, I will do my best to remind them to do so asap. No worry, everyone is safe and happy, no sad faces but only smiling faces. Again you can always reach me with emails and my direct mobile anytime, 24-hour a day.

i will upload a few today's photos for sharing in a seperate email.

Ringo on 12th July 0119