UBC 2010 -- Diary for 11th July 2010

July 11th

Dear All,
Greetings from UBC, Vancouver, Canada. We all have safely arrived! The flight was VERY smooth and in fact in my point of view it was a much much better flying experience than the afternoon flight that I used to fly in the past eight years. We arrived a bit earlier than the schedule time at vancouver time 9p.m. William and James picked us up and then we weree transported with the long Mercedes Benz Limcosine to UBC.

We are staying at the house call "Kariboo", it is one of the 10 houses in PLACE VANIER dormitory. We are staying on the highest floor, the 4th floor and below us are groups from Canada and Taiwan.

Upon arrival, Professor Martin Berinbaum greeted us at the dorm and treated us with GREAT Canadian pizzas.... so yummy....... !!

Kids are still up and they are all very thrilled with the experience so far. Professor Berinbaum even has set up for us to watch the world cup final tomorrow morning at 1130 at the Freddy Wood Theatre with a hugh hugh screen, it should be fansinating!!
At the time this email is written, most of them are still up but I will try my best to make them energy low and go to bed. Tomorrow we will begin our first day of the camp at 1:00 for the orientation. So more to talk tomorrow.

Bty, we found that there is a public phone on our floor, and the number is 1 604 224 9545. It is a public phone which means if it rings and if someone pass by and hear the ring, we will pick it up, try it is a cheap way to call and you can talk long long long. Tomorrow we will get phone card for everyone!

I will keep email to everyone of you.