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This page contains a list of international artists who have collaborated with PURE ORCHESTRAL CENTRE and / or the HONG KONG FLUTE CENTRE
(in alphabetical order)

Clifford Benson (U.K.)
Boris Berman (U.S.A.)
Robert Blocker (U.S.A.)
Sara Davis Buechner (Canada)
Nikolai Demidenko (Russia)
Claude Frank (U.S.A.)
Peter Frankl (U.K.)
Gary Graffman (U.S.A.)
Colleen Lee (Hong Kong)
Warren Lee (Hong Kong)
Vladimir Ovchinnikov (Russia)
Milhaud Rudy (Russia)
Eric Le Sage (France)

Andras Adorjan (Germany)
Diane Aitken (Canada/Germany)
Robert Aitken (Canada/Germany)
Pierre-Yves Artaud (France)
William Bennett (U.K.)
Mary Karen Clardy (U.S.A.)
Dieter Flury (Austria)
James Galway (Switzerland)
Donelda Gastshore (Canada)
Shiginori Kudo (France/Japan)
Robert Langevin (U.S.A.)
Wil Offermen (Holland)
Emmanuel Pahud (Switerland/France)
Wolfgang Schulz (Austria)
Ransom Wilson (U.S.A.)
Trevor Wye (U.K.)

Min Lee – Violin (Singapore)
Wang Jin – Cello (U.S.A.)
Augustin Dumay – Viola (Portugal)

Gordon Graig (Canada)
Gene Ransbottom (Canada)
Peter Schmidl (Austria)

Martin Berinbaum (Trumpet, Canada)
John van Deursen (Trombone, Canada)

Jacque Loussier & Jacque Loussier Trio (France)
Claude Bolling & Claude Bolling Trio (France)
Eberhard Weber (Germany)

Singapore Symphony Orchestra (Singapore)
Espirit Orchestra (Canada)

Robert Aitken (Canada)
John Beckwith (Canada)
John Burge (Canada)
Keith Hamel (Canada)
Sydney Hodkinson (Canada)
Zygmunt Krauze (Poland)
Peter Paul Koprowski (Canada/Poland)
Hope Lee (Canada)
Alexina Louie (Canada)
Bruce Pennycook (Canada)
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