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位處於灣仔及銅鑼灣地區的中心地帶,交通方便。 純樂管弦中心佔地約三千呎,當中包括佔地約一千呎的演奏廳、四個獨立音樂室及一個音樂圖書館。 此外, 本中心亦將成為英國皇家音樂學院及/或英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院的考試中心, 為有需要報考各級皇家音樂試之學員提供從學習以至考試之「一條龍」式服務。

Examination Centre

A major facility of PURE Orchestral Centre is a 220 sq feet, professionally sound-proofed studio which housed a superior Yamaha grand piano.

The studio was built for the purpose of an examination centre for both the Associated Board of Royal School of Music & Trinity College of Music, England. When not in used as an examination centre, the studio will be converted to a venue for hosting piano and instrumental workshops, masterclasses and seminars by overseas and local distinguished musicians and artists.

The studio is also available for rental for pianist who would like to practice and play on the Yamaha grand. Attractive rental package is available. For details, please call 3520 2628 or email at

The Recital Hall

The recital hall at PURE O.C. hosts a variety of events from weekly orchestral rehearsal, chamber ensemble practice, masterclass, workshop, seminar to student concert. It is also available for rental by the general public to host birthday party, magic show, company event and even wedding ceremony.

For rental enquiry, please call 3520 2628 or email at


The Practice Studio

Four professional practice studios form part of the total facility of PURE. These studios, known as “The Four Seasons”, are named using the four seasons:- “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn” and “Winter”. Each of them are different in size, with different facility to best suit the students’ musical needs.

The “Four Seasons” studios are available for rental. for the general public. For details, please call 3520 2628 or email at


PURE Orchestral Centre Library

Over the last 15 years, PURE O.C. has built up a music library of over some 1000+ music items which contain a large amount of music scores for concert band, string orchestra, orchestra, and numerous types of chamber ensembles. In addition, the library has acquired a wide variety of music journals, magazines, instrumental anthology and has also developed a CD library which holds about 1000+ CDs.

Furthermore, the library holds quite an extensive collection of flute-related materials such as scores for flute choir, flute orchestra, quartets and various chamber ensemble combinations.

Many of the scores and CD items are available for sales at a “below-retail” price. In other words, PURE guarantees lowest price for all items.

If you are interested in any of the above items, please give us a call at 3520 2628 or email for a complete catalogue.
Musical Instruments

PURE O.C. does sell, purchase, trade and make all kinds of new and used orchestral instruments, as well as piano and harp.

PURE O.C. is also a dealer of a number of international well reputed musical instrument makers and brand name such as Sanders, Brannen Cooper, Burkart & Phelan and Hewitt & James.

In an effort to provide an affordable musical learning opportunity for the underprivileged students, PURE may provides second-hand musical instruments free of charge. Therefore, if you have a used instrument wish to sell, let us know. We will offer you a reasonable purchase price based on the prevailing playing condition of the instrument after an inspection to carry out by our professional repairing technicians.

You are also encouraged to donate a used instrument to us to help the impoverished. All these instruments will be provided to the students in need at no cost.

If you want to search for some very specific brand name of musical instruments, let us know, we will search for you and we will be able to sell to you at a lower price due to our connections with people in this area of business. You would be amazed of the cost different for the same instrument offered through us as compared to that offered by the dealer.

If you wish to get a second opinion of any musical instruments, please call us and have a chat, we will be happy to provide you with our expertise opinion and experiences. Remember, this is only a chat, there is NO OBLIGATION. We simply want to help you to make a better judgment with reference to our expertise knowledge.

Our contact number is 3520 2628.


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