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Come and Join Us At
The British Flute Society Convention

19th – 22nd August, 2010
Manchester, England

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy New Year! I am sure when you come to the Hong Kong Flute Centre for your flute lessons recently, you have noticed about an invitation to us from the British Flute Society to participate in its annual convention from 19th to 22nd August this year. This invitation is special as it marks the first invitation ever of its kind extends to a Hong Kong flute institution. Hence, we should all be proud of.
Three ensembles from the HKFC, namely the Hong Kong Flute Quartet, the Hong Kong Flute Centre Flute Orchestra and the Hong Kong Flute Centre Youth Flute Orchestra, under my leadership, are invited to perform at the Convention. A major highlight of our performance is a performing spot at the grand final concert of the convention which is followed by the closing ceremony. The opportunity to perform at the final concert is an esteemed status of our presence as recognized by the organizer.

Regarded as the finest flute convention in Europe, and as one of the two major world’s flute convention alongside with the National Flute Association Convention, U.S.A., the British Flute Society Convention attracts internationally renowned flutists, flute groups, ensembles, flute makers as well as publishers, and people from the flute industry, for four-day of non-stop concerts, workshops, master classes, old and new flute try outs, flute CD and scores exhibitions. It is simply a flute party filled with great fun!

Households name such as William Bennett, Emmanuel Pahud, Mathieu Zigeler, Andras Adorjan, Trevor Wye, to name a few, will be attending the convention, this means that here is a chance to meet these flute legends face-to-face, a great way to get to know them personally and collect their autographs.

A tour package for all of our students & parents to join the convention is under preparation. It will be given out as soon as we have confirmed all the logistics and financial details with the organizer. In the meantime, if you feel there is a good chance coming with us, please reserve the dates (from 17th – 23rd August 2010) and inform us your interest by sending me an email to info@flute.hk

Moreover, we will soon be auditioning qualified flute players to perform as a member of the Hong Kong Flute Centre Flute Orchestra at the Convention. If you would like to gain an opportunity to perform, please prepare yourself for the audition. Audition details will come soon together with the tour package.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 3520 2628.

Ringo Chan
Hong Kong Flute Centre

What is Flute Convention All About?

A flute convention is about flute and everything related to the flute. It is an occasion for everyone interested in flute, including professional as well as amateurs flute performers, flute students, flute teachers, as well as flute makers, flute publishers, flute repairmen, to come together for sharing flute knowledge, appreciating flute music acquainting latest information for the flute and enjoying fun-time with all the participants. It is an event purely for the flute and nothing else. Hence, one can expect it is quite an unique flute intensive experience.

The types of events/sessions you would discover in a flute convention include:- concerts, classes, lectures, forums, ensemble playing sessions, all sound very formal and boring, aren' t they? But wait! What about with the following topics in mind? Would these topics arouse your curiosity:-

  • Practicing efficiently for all levels, with live demonstration by Trevor WYE
  • Flute Spectacular! 50 variations on the Carnival of Vernice for 60 flutes and piano (this event was staged in Hong Kong in 2004 but only with 54 flutes!)
  • 20+flute and Piccolo Recitals in 4 days by Internationally Renowned Flutists & Piccoloists including: Emmanuel Pahud, William Bennett, Paul Edmund-Davis, Matthias Zielger, Katherine Bryan, Gareth McLearnon, Marco Granados, Silvia Careddu, Jean-Louis Beaumadier, Samuel Coles, Andy Findon, Andras Adorjan, Sarah Jackson, Rachel Brown, Don Bailey, Alena Lugovkina, Mike Mower, Stewart Mcllwham, Phillippe Barnes, Timothy Hutchins. Who are These People? Search them on the websites and you will find how stunning they are!!
  • Incorporating Yoga in your daily flute practicing – Breathing, Postures & Meditation
  • Trevor Wye plays a wooden flute from 1923
  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety
  • The French School Tone Development – How to Play Expressively
  • Starting with the Baroque Flute, Come and Try
  • Musical and Social Milieu of ALL Mozart Concertos for flute, illustrated with recordings.
  • And Much More!!!!

What else?

In addition to the above,

If you are a flute teacher, you may be interested in:

  • A forum on the topic “The importance of the first lessons?”
  • Studying the flute in both the former Soviet Union and Russia
  • New Ways of Teaching with Bonnie Blanchard

If you are someone fancy about “Low Flute”:

  • A talk on “ About Using and Buying Low Flutes”
  • Peter Sheridan plays new repertoire with piano and strings using bass, contrabass and sub-contrabass flutes

If you are a student:

  • You can join the convention’s flute orchestra and play with other fellow flutists and make new friendships.
  • Listen to live performance by young British flutists
  • Listen to competition winners: Jessica Kabirat and Holly Melia

If you are a professional player:

  • Opportunity to listen lively Henry Brant’s “Angels & Devils” with William Bennett and Concert Lumiere, a renowned Japanese flute quintet ensemble.
  • Talks on Gaubert with recordings by Patrick Williams
  • Play and Look at Rudall Carte & Co Flute
  • Fukushima’s Mei Revisited with Mihoko Watanable
  • Film about “The brothers Doppler and Performs Works by Doppler” by Andras Adorian (rated 5-stars!!)

If you are a piccolo player:

  • Sarah Jackson, Piccolo with L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra will talk about piccolo playing and its instruments.

    If you like ensemble/chamber flute music:
  • Rehearse and perform Amoeba by the Dutch composer and flutist David Porcelijn for large flute ensemble, REALLY LARGE!!
  • Listen to concert by “Paris Duo” (not “TWINS”) – Claire Luquiens and Julie Gascar
  • Listen to concert by “Nicholson Trio” Rachel Pritchard, Amy Campbell and Gemma Hawkins
  • Listen to concert by “Magnum Trio” from Japan
  • Listen to concert by “Quintessenz” flute quintet
  • Look at the attached provisional programme to get more ideas of what a convention is all about!

Any Other Activities?
Millions of CD for sales and Over hundreds Booths set-up World’s Flute Makers, Headjoint Makers and Flute Related Accessories Company for your browsing and shopping! Bring Lots of Money!!

Where do I Stay?
You can stay anywhere you want. Or choose to stay with us at the RNCM. More details later.

Where do I Eat?
You can eat anywhere you want, or choose to eat at RNCM. You can of course to eat with me, YOU PAID, I EAT!!

Will inform you in a separate handout later.

What to do if I am interested in coming?
Send me an email to info@flute.hk , indicating your name and how long have you played the flute for and your expectation of coming to this convention.

Hope to see you in England!!

Ringo Chan
Hong Kong Flute Centre
Founder and Artistic Director, Hong Kong Flute Centre Flute Quartet
Founder and Artistic Director, Hong Kong Flute Centre Flute Orchestra



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