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Jacqueline Leung
Jacqueline Leung

Jacqueline Leung was born in Hong Kong, She is the second place winner of the 2010 American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition. Described as a player who possesses ‘musicality, intelligence and technical finesse’, her performances have been heard in venues across the globe including Austria, Belgium, China, England, Italy, Poland and the USA.

Jacqueline has received numerous awards, including two consecutive Vicars Close prizes from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools for Music and a “highly commended” honour in both the Helen Eames Piano Prize and Christian Carpenter Recital Prize. She also won a concerto competition to perform the Saint- Saens Piano Concerto No. 2 under the baton of Christopher Adey, one of Britain’s most renowned orchestral trainers at Wells Cathedral, UK. Closer to home, Jacqueline is a frequent guest for interviews and recordings at RTHK Radio 4.

Jacqueline’s performance venues in Hong Kong include the “A Tribute to Mozart” Festival, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, City Hall, St. John’s Cathedral, Cultural Centre, and the Fringe Club. As part of a duo with British flutist Gareth Hanson, Jacqueline participated in the Royal Overseas League and delivered an exclusive performance at the University of London and numerous venues in London.

Along with being a solo pianist, she is an active chamber musician and has appeared at the Royal Northern College of Music’s Beethoven Fest, the MacMillan Cancer Fund Charity Concert, and a fundraising event sponsored by the Prince of Wales.

After studying with Eleanor Wong at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, she won top prizes at music festivals and the Hong Kong (Asia) Open Piano Competition. Upon winning a scholarship for Wells Cathedral School, Jacqueline studied under the tutelage of Hilary Coates.

She was later awarded a scholarship by the Royal Academy of Music where she studied with Patsy Toh. Jacqueline was also selected to participate and perform in the International Summer Academy at the Universitat Mozarteum in Salzburg. After obtaining her Bachelor of Music and LRAM Diploma from the Royal Academy of Music, she was awarded the Walsh Piano Performance full scholarship by Texas Christian University to pursue a Master of Music degree, studying under Dr. Tamas Ungar.

Recent highlights include appearance at the American Liszt Festival as guest artist, a nomination for the “Hong Kong Young Artist” award, invitations to appear with renowned cellist Trey Lee, Young Artist Series of the Amalfi Coast Music Festival, Italy and performances with the TCU Symphony Orchestra and the Poland International Music Festival Orchestra.

梁維芝生於香港,表演足跡遍及世界各地,包括奧地利、比利時、中國、英國、意大利、波蘭、美國等。她是2010年American Protégé 國際鋼琴及弦樂比賽的二等獎得主,被譽為集「音樂才華、過人 智慧、超凡技藝」於一身的鋼琴家。

梁氏在香港演藝學院師承潘湯翠芬及鷌t倫教授,在音樂節和香港(亞洲) 鋼琴公開比賽中獲獎無數。期間,她榮獲獎學金資助赴英國韋爾斯教會學校,師從希拉麗•科綈斯繼續深造,更於該學校,在英國著名管弦樂團教師克里斯托弗•阿代的領導下,在協奏曲比賽中突圍而出。梁氏的音樂造詣屢創佳績,曾囊括兩屆英國皇家音樂學院獎項,並拿下海倫•伊馬絲鋼琴獎及克里斯恩•卡彭特獨奏獎的優異殊榮。她在皇家海外聯盟音樂比賽中擔任長笛鋼琴二重奏的鋼琴手,以出色的伴奏在倫敦大學詮釋出令人難忘的一曲。

在鋼琴獨奏方面,梁氏熱心參與室樂演出,曾在皇家北音樂學院的貝多芬音 樂節,麥美倫癌症基金慈善音樂會,及由英國威爾斯親王贊助的籌款活動中獻技。

在香港,梁氏是香港電台第四台節目訪問和錄音環節的常客,也參與過許多 公開演奏,場地包括《向莫扎特致敬》音樂節、香港演藝學院、香港大會堂、聖約翰座堂、香港文化中心、藝穗會等。

畢業後,梁氏成功考獲英國皇家音樂學院獎學金,師從卓一龍教授。她在皇家音樂學院先後取得音樂學士學位和鋼琴教師資格,更甄選於薩爾斯 堡莫札特音樂暨表演藝術大學的國際夏季學校作演出。接著,她再獲德州基督教大學頒發全額獎學金,在塔瑪什•翁格教授的培育下攻讀音樂碩士學位。

回港後,梁氏除了投入繁忙的指揮工作,率領獲獎無數的菁英合唱團和管弦 樂團外,亦曾任拔萃女書院音樂總監,現任英國皇家音樂學院香港校友會主席。

梁維芝的近期動向包括赴美國李斯特協會音樂節作客席演出,獲香港藝術新 秀獎提名,受邀聯同著名大提琴家李垂誼演奏,出席德州基督教大學管弦樂團、波蘭國際音樂節管弦樂團演出。


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